This Love

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The stories you tell me, along with the pictures you paint
Are just one more reason to be jealous of you
The grass in your garden with all its accompanying shade
So welcoming and listless on a warm afternoon

No time to spend another day
Lying among the leaves and harmonies without you
This love could be lost along the way
Left under the olive trees and the whispering breezes of youth

Another reflection untrue to the shape of your face
Stares out from your mirror, unbidden and unkind
A day in your company is never quite long enough
And although you always think the worst, I’ll soon change your mind

No time to spend another day
Left under the olive trees, forgetting all the things we know to be true

And the thread of life gets tangled, in this web of past regrets
And our holidays together, I’m unable to forget
And this nervousness in my hands
It makes the writing hard to understand
But I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say
It’s my shaking bones, they get in my way

No time to spend another day

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