Strange to the Limit

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I might just leave it all behind
Give up my past and try to find
Something I can keep, somewhere on the cheap and easy side
I’d give up everything I own
Don’t make me spend the night alone
Like every other night, let me have the right to call this my home

I’m taking Strange to the Limit
I’m done accepting my lot
It’s getting clearer every minute

I could be worried but I’m not
I should be worried but I’m not, I’m not

I might just start again with you
Desert this town, try somewhere new
In Lorelei maybe, could it be that we’ve found something true?

I’m taking Strange to the Limit

My secrets and my lies I’ll tell you
I’m cutting all the ties that hold me here
In between light and shadow, I’ve found what I need

I’m taking Strange to the Limit

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