Like a Dream

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So I would take you out to be seen
And you would genuflect like a dream
I would take your hand, you would be mine
But you were only passing time

I will always be on your side
Even when you don’t want me around
I will help you to win your fight
If you will tell me what you’ve found

So we would dash across the umbilical
And you would ask me why I was cynical
Sometimes in the night, there by your side
I would support you while you cried

I will always be on your side

Waiting to see what you’ve become
Looking to find a place to get old
Sometimes I see what you’ve begun
And you forgot what you were told

Up in the firmament were the stars
Down on the ground, we’d sing to the cars
You would take my hand, I would be yours
We couldn’t see what was in store

I will always be on your side


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