Circling Girl

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Watch the snow cover the hills
She felt the real world slipping away, into the back of her mind
Many lives lived in one day
And many selves she sheltered inside, until the truth died away

She will never be good enough
Cus good intentions are not enough
She will always be out of touch
It’s too much effort to stay in touch
To really make it right, she will need to leave this world
The Circling Girl

She could feel them closing in
She has a hundred places to hide, and in her head, a thousand more
But she’s sure to leave them a sign
And in the end she knows she’ll be found, there’s always an end to the hunt

She will never be good enough

She only knew how to give herself away
She only knew how to waste another day
So she tried to learn who was best to turn to
She tried to find all the things she’d left behind

She will never be good enough
The Circling Girl

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