Always Remember

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Always remember the way it made you feel
Your hair inside his hands
And in the dark of the churchyard, you fell
Underneath the leaves
It seems simple enough: only do as you’re told
But oh, to think that you wanted to give your love away

You were a child in the green light of spring
In starlight or in sun
Barely prepared for the cruelty of a man
With unclosed eyes
You could chart all the stars, their positions in time
But oh, to think you were ready to give your love away

And do you remember all the tricks he played on you?
Do you remember all the lies he told, and the pain that he put you through?
You  asked for nothing, and you gave so much of your own
You just lay there and let him walk all over you and leave you all alone

Always remember the way it made you feel
Your hands inside his coat
And in the dark of his eyes, you saw yourself
Underneath the leaves
Through the mist of time, all the reasons just fade and disappear
And to think he convinced you to take your love away

And who would you be now, if he’d taken it from you?
Would you still be there, in that house, so many years from that afternoon?
Why did you offer what you did when you did?
And would you really have taken it all upon yourself and thrown it all away?

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