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Corinne Lucy - Singer/Songwriter

“Sounds like the love child of Joni Mitchell and Karen Carpenter.”

– Robert Rosenberg, Trinifold Management

Corinne Lucy - Singer/Songwriter

Corinne Lucy is a hypnotising presence on stage, playing and singing as if her life depended on it. With her melodic, self-penned songs and beautiful voice, Corinne says her aim when performing is to be “almost embarrassingly earnest”.

Corinne learned to sing by listening to tapes of Dusty Springfield and Stevie Wonder, only learning to play guitar when she realised it would give her a great excuse to sing to people. She started out busking, where she trained her voice until it could be heard for miles around, and quickly began writing her own songs, some inspired by her own life, some conjured from her rich imagination.

She recorded and produced her debut album, Clockwork, in her home studio, taking cues from ELO and Bjork to make an old-fashioned pop record.

Today Corinne is performing around the UK, promoting her debut album, and continues to make music in a genre she calls “prog pop for the acoustic guitar”.

She is also working on a follow-up to Clockwork, which may or may not be a concept album based on a post-apocalyptic love story. She has supported Cara Dillon and Chris T-T, and appeared on BBC Radio Northampton a bunch of times.

Corinne dreams of touring with PJ Harvey, working with Trevor Horn, and seeing her face on the cover of Q. In the meantime, she continues to perform live up and down the country, aiming to make audiences stare open-mouthed and go home singing her music.

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