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This year’s Aortas Songwriting Workshop was at the end of May: three days at beautiful Redfield with some old friends and some new ones. A lot of gorgeous songs were written. I even found time to rehearse with The Straw Horses, the folk band I’ve started singing in – but more about that later. For now let’s just enjoy some pictures of people having fun with and without guitars, and look forward to next year’s workshop.

A lesson from Mr. Bray

Rob Bray’s workshop on the AABA format.

Redfield in the sun

Redfield in the sun.

Four songwriters in a room

Speed-writing: pair up and write a song in half an hour. Extra points for having actually finished it.




Corinne and Fi at the Olde England

Me and Fiona Dunn at The Olde England‘s folk circle.

Playing songs late into the night

The best bit of workshops – playing songs until past everyone’s bedtime.

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