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Me, shouting into a microphone.

Me, shouting into a microphone.

October 12th is the final of the Aortas Songwriting Competition. Guess who is in the final of the Aortas Songwriting Competition?

You guessed WRONG. It is me!!!

For those who don’t like reading things, you can skip the story of how I made it to the final. Here is a link to the Aortas Songwriting Competition website, and you can get some tickets here. Your presence could definitely  help me win and also you will have a brilliant night, so come on down to the Stables at Milton Keynes on October 12th, and clap for me like I’m a dying Tinkerbell in a pantomime.


MyJaike being all “talented” and “good”.

Let’s back up a bit though. For the last couple of months the first heat of the Aortas Song Competition has been raging throughout the land in the form of open mic nights. I performed at an event earlier in the year, at the Romany in Northampton. There were two of us competing that night (as well as lots of acts not competing): the other act in the running was MyJaike, a duo formed of two gentlemen who both play guitars and sing songs that manage to be beautiful and catchy at the same time. Naturally I regarded them as my nemesisesises and was dead-set on crushing them utterly. I played my three best songs, and they played theirs, and we glared furiously at each other. Luckily at the end of the night Dan Plews announced that we had both won and no-one would have to resort to fisticuffs.

There are six or seven acts in the final at the moment and we are all brilliant, probably. I haven’t seen all of them/us live, but you can read a bit about each finalist here, on the Aortas website. The final is being held at The Stables in Milton Keynes, which is a very fine artistic establishment, and I’ll be very proud to put it on my musical CV.

On the night, the winner will be decided by a combination of audience vote and three judges – one of whom will be Dan Plews (have I mentioned he’s a delightful person with extremely well-developed musical taste?) although the others are shrouded in deep mystery so I can’t suck up to them in an attempt to garner votes (although Dan Plews is highly intelligent and also a brilliant cook). For our purposes here, however, the audience vote bit is the important bit. Among the prizes is a place on a songwriting course run by Dan Plews (who is very talented and also impressively tall), which I would absolutely love – a chance to get to chat with other songwriters and learn new tricks while also secretly having a bit of a holiday, that’d be right up my street. Also, what is arguably a bigger prize: a place on a songwriting course in DENMARK. Room and board and transport paid. How freaking great is that? Although I don’t speak a single word of Danish. Maybe they’ll forgive me if I write enough songs while I’m there.

So anyway. If you are a fan of my music, and you want me to write some more of it, one way to help that happen is to come to the Aortas Songwriting Final and vote for me. I will even try to write a song about you and how great you are, if you do. (Although I can’t make any promises. Inspiration is fickle.)


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