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I’ve been playing with another singer for a little while now. Her name is Marieke (pronounced like “Marie-kuh”, it’s Dutch and so is she), but this is the first time I have good quality video of us singing together.

I should explain why she runs off in the first ten seconds of the video, and also talk about how I got the video in the first place. We played together at a very small festival called Barnfest. It was named this because it was originally going to be in a barn, at a working farm with real live pigs and cows and hay bales, but due to some fiddly problems with health and safety (it’s hard to hold even the tiniest festival next to some pigs, apparently), they moved it to a slightly bigger place with no animals. And no barn. I was sad about the lack of hay bales, but the marquee was lovely too.

2013 was the first year of Barnfest. It was put together by some guys who had just graduated with degrees in… well, I’m not sure what they call it nowadays, but basically they seemed to have studied filming stuff like gigs and events. So a few friends had decided to put on a festival primarily to have something to film (although also for fun). There was no money in it for anyone, but all the artists got some very nice high quality video of themselves performing, and since everyone involved seemed like delightful folks and I was enchanted by the whole bespoke cottage-industry feel, I jumped at it.

Back to the explanation of why Marieke runs off screen at the start of the video though: she had left her can of Monster to the side of the stage, and a GIANT wasp was poking its big ugly head inside. So she ran off to shoo it away and rescue her all-important energy drink. This is also why I spend the last thirty seconds of the song gesturing with my eyebrows towards her feet: I’m attempting to alert her to the fact that another wasp (or possibly the same wasp, it could have just been very determined) was trying the same trick.

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