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Behind The Bus Stop gig

Just a quick post about the gig last night. It was at Behind The Bus Stop, a bar slash restaurant behind a bus stop (no, really?) in Northampton. I played there last month on a Friday night and there were literally five people in there. And then two of them left. The ones who stayed were very enthusiastic though. They enthusiastically yelled DO AN ALANIS SONG! at me over and over again, until I caved and played Ironic (half-remembered chords ahoy).

Last night it was packed to the rafters, so that was even better. It was very loud and chatty and my friend got annoyed with the happy eaters and drinkers for not shutting up, but it’s par for the course at that kind of gig, innit. I started off playing mainly originals, added in more and more covers, and then for the last half hour of the gig, we stopped playing originals entirely and just did stuff like 4 Non Blondes and the Beatles and Rick Astley. Everyone sang along and people even danced when we played Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere. I love it when ladies drag their friends up to dance in two feet of floor space.

I’ll be back there next month, on September 5th. You should come. Bring any ladies you know who like to dance to Fleetwood Mac.

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