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Northampton Music Festival

Today was the Northampton Music Festival – four stages spread through Northampton’s town centre with all kinds of bands and artists playing all day long. I love this kind of festival, where normal streets are taken over and coloured in and made exciting. My set was just before the shops closed, so I caught the last of the shoppers as they were wandering past. After I’d finished I dragged some friends up to the Crick Stage to watch¬†Bee Church¬†with her huge spectacular voice.

The summer season is starting for me properly now – two rehearsals, three gigs and a recording session coming up this week. I’m almost starting to look forward to winter, when no-one can be bothered to leave their houses, let alone set up a PA system in a field, and the streets are all snowy and blowy and I’m holed up wearing a big jumper somewhere. Until then I’ll be singing in parks and bars and on streets and buses and post offices whenever I possibly can. (The post office thing has not happened yet but I’m not ruling it out.)

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