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The light was very red-and-blue.

It’s going to be an extremely busy summer for me, you guys. As a musician, obviously all I really want to do is perform. It’s what I think about when I’m brushing my teeth, and when I’m going round the supermarket, and when I’m eating crisps. But on the other hand… Well, have a look at my gig list:

25/7 – Brave Old Oak, Northampton
27/7 – Boston Music Festival, Lincolnshire
28/7 – Northampton Music Festival
30/7 – The Islington, London
31/7 – The Golden Horse, Northampton
2/8 – Behind The Bus Stop, Northampton
4/8 – Bardic Picnic, Northampton
10/8 – Tollemache Festival, Northamptonshire
11/8 – Irchester Festival, Northamptonshire
15/8 – Inspiral Lounge, London
17/8 – Victoria Inn, Northampton

Good grief. I really need to make some more flyers. And find some time to sleep.

I’ve had a couple of gigs at the Islington in London this week and last week, supporting the lovely Leslie Mendelson – gorgeous velvety voice and extremely catchy songs – and everyone who’s anyone in the music biz seems to be buzzing about her, so it was very exciting to be on the fringe of that. Fantastic to play to people who might possibly be influential, and also fantastic to play in such a lovely venue – apparently the Islington hasn’t been a music venue for long, and they’re kind of trying it out. I recommend it. One of the bathrooms had a blown light but they’d put candles in there instead of just leaving it – very atmospheric. Actually probably the ideal thing for getting a bit of headspace before a stressful gig. Maybe next time I’ll bring my own candles.

Meanwhile, remember all that recording I did earlier this year? There will be a spankin’ new EP out in a short while. And you will be able to BUY it! Won’t that be great? Details to follow, obvs.

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