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Hello young friends. How are you? I am fine, thank you for asking.

I’ve been recording like krayzee in the last couple of months. I’ve got eight tracks half-finished so far, and the latest bit of excitement has been that I enticed a cellist into the studio. I put down a trail of cashew nuts and dried apricots leading from the street to the studio, and in she came. (You should only do this if you want a cellist. Other instrumentalists prefer different fruit/nut combos. For example, for a flautist, you must use flaked almonds and cranberries, whereas clarinet players prefer kiwi fruit and macadamia.)

Helen, a cellist, in the sunshine

Helen, a cellist, in the sunshine

She played some beautiful notes on one of my songs, and she didn’t even complain about having to transpose the sheet music from treble clef to bass clef. So many ledger lines. Poor Helen. Having completed this arduous task, she set about making some gorgeous noises with her cello. It was a joy to listen to and I will be encouraging her back as soon as I’ve written more music for her to play. I might even let her write some herself if she is very good and doesn’t eat all my apricots.

In other news, I’m playing an Oxjam gig in Leighton Buzzard on Thursday night. The printer at the Corinne Lucy stronghold has been playing up lately, printing things in diagonal lines and being as mad as a printer possibly can be, so me and the chief robot will be examining its brain tonight, trying to get it to behave sensibly again. Meanwhile, I am eating a saffron roll from Ikea. It tastes a bit like marmalade. Maybe I should have put some marmalade on it.

Love from Corinne Lucy.

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