Get down with the sickness.

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Hey gang.

Currently my mood is: sickly.

I had about three weeks there when my throat actually worked, the inside of my head did not feel bigger than the outside, and my nose wasn’t in danger of being scrubbed off by constant tissues. But now… that is over. (I am heaving a sigh right now.)

Until I got this shiny new cold, I spent a couple of weeks in the studio, obsessively cranking out harmonies and re-doing vocal parts for a new acoustic (ish) demo – just me, my guitar, and five bucketloads of harmonies. (I have to measure harmonies by the bucketload because I put them on EVERYTHING. A teaspoonfull would not even cover one line of one song, you guys.) There is a reason I was doing that, and it has to do with The Music Industry, but I’m not blabbing about that here because it might all fall through and go pear-shaped and come to nought. So never you mind about that. Suffice it to say that there will be a new bag of tracks available for sale at some point soon.

However, everything’s come to a standstill at the moment. When you’re trying to make an EP that is 90% vocals, it is hard to continue when your vocals sound like a toad being squeezed. Or like a barn door creaking open. Or like an old nanny goat swallowing some sandpaper. Et cetera. So we are mixing stuff, and I might do some guitar tracks if I can get through a four-minute song without coughing my guts up, and other than that… we’re stuck.

It’s very boring.

Now I must leave, to sit in a steamy bath with a flagon of Lemsip and… Oh wow, I just had the best idea ever. Whole box of Lemsips, emptied into the bath – would that be the best bath in the whole world? Or is that just the fever talking? Am I delirious right now? Either way there’s a fox in my wardrobe trying on all my clothes so I have to go and purple monkey dishwasher.

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  1. OMG, the fever cooked your brain! Get better soon and make your awesome tunes! You are a blessed girl!

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