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Hello internet. I’d like to tell you about a time when I sang some songs in front of some people.

I went to the Musician in Leicester last Wednesday. I’ve played there once before and it was a brilliant venue, with great sound and avid listeners, so I was really eager to play there again. I heard about obsUnplugged¬†through a Facebook friend – “a series of showcases to make selections for this year’s Musician Stage [at the Summer Sundae Weekender]” as well as some other festivals this summer – and applied with a slightly desperate-sounding email since it sounded like a great gig and an even better opportunity.

So I managed to finegle a lift to Leicester (must learn to drive, then get a job that will let me afford car insurance and even possibly a car), and after a slight panic when we suddenly realised we needed petrol when we were already running late, got there JUST in time. Turned out Kismet Hardy were also playing – they’re a local folk/funk band who play awesome songs about old-timey prostitutes in Yarmouth with a jam-hot rhythm section – so that was nice. I was on quite late, so I got to hear a lot of really good acts. Special mention goes to Moccasin Mile, who look like they have an average age of about 15 and are bloody brilliant. They only have one acoustic video up on Youtube but it’s worth checking out, especially if you are clever enough to imagine drums and piano on it too.

It was a good gig. At one point someone whooped and it sounded exactly like the start of Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough so I told the audience that. I also told them that they were making me feel very warm and cosy, like being in a kangaroo’s pouch. It went well.

So yes. With any luck I’ll get picked to play at one or two festivals in summer – I have one booked already, a little festival tour would be super lovely.

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