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Good GRIEF I have done a lot lately. I’ve gigged in Poole and Leicester and Rugby and made a PROPER start on recording a new album. I’ve also caught back up with the YouTube thing. Lots of new videos up. I am in gear, motherlikers.

Here’s a photo from my gig at the Musician, in Leicester. Wildfire Sessions organised a Troubadour tribute night, and I was all over that, what with my obvious love of Joni Mitchell and Carole King and Neil Young and James Taylor and such like. It was loads of fun to sing Edith & The Kingpin and A Man Needs A Maid to a rapt audience. I’ve played a lot of pub gigs lately, so it was nice to play to people who were paying their full attention.

Corinne Lucy enjoying what might be a CM7 chord at the Musician in Leicester.

Last week I played in Poole, which is definitely the furthest I’ve ever travelled specifically to gig. I had three forty-minute sets to fill, so I pulled out all the songs I hardly ever play, and worked out loads of new covers, and panicked a lot about managing to fill the time… But it was fine in the end. I even met a guy from the Facebook page who asked me to sign the CD he’d bought. Note to self: bring Sharpies to gigs. We just acquired a new, un-broken CD printer, so I’ve finally made some EPs – they’re not available online, only at gigs, so if you get one, feel free to say “ner ner I’m special” to everyone you meet.

I’ve got some gigs coming up in Kettering, London and Tunbridge Wells, so check the gigs page if you want to keep up to date with that. And my YouTube channel is full of new and special things – at the moment I’m updating every Wednesday (or sometimes Thursdays if the video spooling machinery needs an oil-change), so there’ll be a new video by the end of the week. ¬†Goodbye for now, honey kittens.

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