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Two things to tell you people about.

THING ONE: I got myself a review! It’s for a new song called Black. Which is great! The review, not the song. Well, the song is good I think. But then I would think that. So maybe you should listen to this reviewer’s opinion instead of mine. (SPOILER: he thinks it’s pretty okay too.)

THING TWO: I’m playing a gig in Tunbridge Wells tomorrow night. This is the furthest away from home I’ve ever gigged on my own – no-one’s free to come with me, so I’m getting the train down by myself. Just me and my guitar. The gig is being run by a DJ from Radio Caroline, a guy called Peter Antony, so he’s been bigging it up on his radio show every Saturday. The full details are on the Facebook group – click here for that.

Details of all my gigs are on the calendar page, as usual. I might be playing near YOU! Check it OUT! Now I gotta go figure out what the hell I’m going to play tomorrow. Also how the hell I’m going to get to Tunbridge Wells. It is a long way away you guys. Oh my gosh.

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