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Okay so yesterday, I didn’t get time to post about the gig on Tuesday, because I had to do actual work to earn actual money (it’s this whole thing people do where they have to pay for bread and also Christmas presents). But it was marvellous. I saw a spectacular guitarist (Sean de Burca) doing all that wood-slappy playing on the wrong side that people do now, except me, I basically just stick to G-C-D. Some people bought my EP, which was lovely of them. And I met a Dutch man who spoke een beetje Nederlands to me.

And I managed not to miss my train home, so I did not get stuck in Tunbridge Wells without a penny to my name. I was a bit worried about that because the last last last train home was at 10.39pm, and I don’t know if anyone has ever been to a gig, but if it ends by 10.39pm, it’s probably not great. But I was allowed to sneak out early because I had a letter from my mum and so it was fine. I managed to get one of my handy help robots to pick me up from the station and I was tucked up in bed by 2am.

All in all I felt very positive about the whole affair. It’s the furthest I’ve ever travelled for a gig on my own (I’ve gone further on my own before but not when I had to get back the same night and not usually with a guitar) and it represents a tiny milestone on the path to greatness.

Next gig is in Wellingborough, at Ye Golden Lion, on the 29th, which feels decidedly tame after my epic seven-hour round trip. But I’m sure it will be lovely nonetheless.

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  1. nicholas ward

    A very warm and generous but most importantly circumspect evaluation of the evening.

    please stay in touch and friend me on facebook.


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