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I’m making this website, right. I mean, Marieke The Internet Wizard is doing all the techy bits for me, because I don’t haz teh codez, let alone a magic wand or cloak – but all the content is mine: descriptions of things, biography, actual songs… All that stuff is up to me.

One of the things I need to do is write a little blurby description thing of my album Clockwork.

So I’m listening to my own album with headphones on, which feels a bit like staring into a mirror for 35 minutes straight, and all I keep thinking is: “This is some music.”

It’s like I have to describe a shape to people, but I’m sitting inside the shape, when everyone else is outside it. They’re asking me, “What shape is this?” And I’m shouting back, “Well, I think there’s a corner on my left, and that edge is closer to me than this one…” I’m not that much help.

Obviously the only solution is to ask my Facebook page and hope they give me some adjectives. Or at least some hilarious insults to take my mind off things.

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