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Me at the Green Note, CamdenLast night was the Camden open mic I was angsting about here – I managed to decide what to play just in time and my lovely pal was kind enough to drive me down.

If the Green Note is representative, Camden has awesome open mic nights. I went on after two guys who covered Ely The Barrow Boy by the Decemberists (which is enough to make me love anyone at an open mic), and after me was a guy called Hideki Sakomizu who was doing a sort of experimental punk-folk entirely in Japanese. It was spectacular. Plus the audience was almost totally silent the entire time – just a sea of little eyes looking at me (or whoever was on stage) – which is always nice.

It was also the smallest, most packed-out room I’ve ever played in. Very cosy. Lovely cushions. I’m formulating a plan to stuff a bunch of local musicians into my friend’s car and take the place over next time.

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