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Last night I played a little open mic gig in Northampton, ahead of my Camden open mic next week. I’m still trying to figure out what to play in Camden – I only get two songs and it sounds like a pretty popular night, so I thought I’d go out and try some songs on an unsuspecting public.

I did about six songs, plus a cover, and then for the first time EVAR, I got my friend up on stage to do some harmonies on one of my songs. Definitely planning to persuade her to sing with me more in future, the whole thing became ten times more awesome.

Still don’t know what to play next Tuesday though. According to a review of the Green Note’s open mic, there’s a “respectful silence during performances” – so maybe that song about my grandmother that occasionally makes people cry? Or maybe just a couple of really catchy ones? I must get a second opinion.

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