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Really must post more on this bloody thing. Note to self: don’t be one of those people who says that and then leaves it another four months before posting again.

Anyway! I’ve done some gigs, I’ve written some songs, I’ve recorded some stuff – nothing that you’d want to listen to, but I’m working towards the next album. Two, actually. One of them is a concept album. I can’t decide which I’d rather be working on so I’m doing little bits on both. Probably a bad idea.

Tomorrow I’m auditioning for BBC’s The Voice UK. Argh. I’m not sure whether I’m more nervous about the audition itself, or finding the place it’s held in. No friends or family allowed, so I’m making my own way, and it’s in the middle of nowhere. Oo-er. I hope it actually is a singing competition and not, you know, The X Factor. Wish me luck, anyway.

My next gig is on Sunday 13th – I’m playing at The Pickering Phipps in Northampton. I’ve never played there before, hopefully it’ll be THE MOST AMAZING THING EVS. I will now leave the computer, as I have to make some sandwiches for the train journey tomorrow. Cheese and apple maybe? Mmm.

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