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Dear you,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am fine, thank you.

I’ve got a gig tomorrow in a pub that I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to. This is rare for me nowadays, not because I pub all that much but because I gig all over the shop. The Pickering Phipps is a new one though. Also I do not know what that name signifies. Was Pickering Phipps a dude? Is he a Dickens character? I literally do not know.

This morning I worked out the setlist for that, and now I’m writing this, and after that, I’m going back to the studio. I’m starting work on a new album. Therefore I’m winding down the gigs to probably around one a month, at least until February-ish, when I hope to do some gigging around the country for a bit. Right now I have to record the guitars for a track called Fixed (which you will know if you’ve seen me gig, because I finish pretty much every set with it). It’s a big shouty number with a thrummy guitar beat – I tried to record it earlier in the week, but I went into a trance, and bashed my guitar strings so hard that one of them snapped. And then when I replaced it, the sound stuck right out from the other five-year-old strings, so I had to replace them all. Which has meant no recording for a day or two, while the strings settle in and stop going out of tune.

Later, when this is done, I willl reward myself with this amazing game.


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